One of RedHat’s packagers drops a lot of important packages’ maintainership due to management chain decisions. These include:

  • gnome-bluetooth (including Settings panel and gnome-shell integration)
  • totem, totem-pl-parser, gom
  • libgnome-volume-control
  • libgudev
  • geocode-glib
  • gvfs AFC backend
  • power-profiles-daemon
  • switcheroo-control
  • iio-sensor-proxy
  • low-memory-monitor

…and “Kernel work, reviews and maintenance, including recent work on SteelSeries headset and Logitech devices kernel drivers, USB revoke for Flatpak Portal support, or core USB”.

  • K900A
    11 months ago

    Valve (or Collabora, or anyone else in the field really), you know what to do.